What does it mean to be a Member?


At Ai Tong School Alumni Association, getting connected does not only mean knowing the right people at the right time and the right places. It also means that you have the support of your peers and classmates — people who have been with you since your formative years — at the time when you need them most.

Within the alumni association, our objective is therefore not only to get you connected, but also to ensure that the connection is enduring and substantial.

Contacting Your Old Friends

All members of Ai Tong School Alumni Association will be listed into our Alumni website. This member directory listing, only available to members themselves, will make it really easy for anyone to locate their old friends, ex-classmates, or best friends. Organizing a class reunion will not be such a difficult or near impossible task in the future.

Primary 1 Priority Registration

Ai Tong School is a very successful education institution which not only focused on high quality and all-rounded education, but also strong moral values to their students. For all Alumni members who are married and have a child, the good news is that your child will receive priority for Primary 1 registration. And if you have been an Alumni member for at least one year prior to registration, your child will be eligible for Phase 2A(1).

Contributing to Our Alma Mater

Ai Tong School is a school of strong tradition and virtue. If you have the strong urge to volunteer and contribute to the school’s good cause; if you like to help groom our future leaders, we want your active participation! We need you to help organize activities for alumni and our existing students alike.

Communicating the E-way

The alumni will also keep in touch with you via email on upcoming activities and events, so that you continue to keep a close link with the school and alumni.

Membership Application

To submit your membership application, please fill up the Membership Application Form and attach the photocopies of document to proof of applicant related to Ai Tong School.

Pleas mail these documents to:

Ai Tong School Alumni Association
100, Bright Hill Drive,
Singapore 579646.