Alumni Membership Fee


"Is the Membership fee $500 per year?"

The $500 is for the Lifetime Membership with Ai Tong School Alumni Association.


Alumni Membership Application & Processing


"We have submitted the application form more than 1 month ago, but till now still have not received any notification from the Association regarding the status of our application."

All qualified applications will have to be verified and approved during the Quarterly Executive Committee Meeting. Once the EXCO has approved the application, a notification will be sent to the alumni.

For the above scenario, the applicant may need to wait up to 3 months if his application form reaches us right after an EXCO Quarterly Meeting.

Click here to download the Membership Application Form


Primary 1 Registration for Alumni Members


Alex is a former Ai Tong Student but not a member of the Alumni. He would like to register his 5 year child in Ai Tong School under Phase 2A(1) for Primary 1 Registration in July 2018 for Primary 1 starting in 2019. The qualifying timeline is as follows:

-        Submit Membership Application to Alumni Office latest by 30th June 2017 (1 year ahead of registration)

-        Notify Alumni Office on his to participate in the coming Primary 1 Registration under Phase 2A(1) between May-June so the Alumni Office can prepare an Acknowledgement Letter for the member, which must be presented to the School during the Registration process.

-        Contact our Secretary, Miss Lee, at 6552 3291 to make arrangement for the collection of the above-mentioned letter 2 weeks before the Registration Day.

-        For information on what other documents are required for the registration, please visit MOE website http://www.moe.gov.sg/education/admissions/primary-one-registration/ for the details.





  1. 为赶上2013年的报名时期,有意成为会员的家长须在2017年6月30日之前,也就是报名前的一年,把校友会会员申请表格提交校友会办事处。
  2. 家长须主动通知校友会办事处,并且请办事处准备确认函一封。到校进行小一报名的时候,出示此信函即可
  3. 在小一报名的前两个星期,家长可致电6552 3291联络校友会秘书,李小姐,以安排领取确认含的日期。
  4. 欲知更多详情,请登陆教育部官方网站http://www.moe.gov.sg/education/admissions/prinmary-one-registration/