Students’ Courses Details 2021

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Student Courses Details (Click here to download)

Registration Matter:

Online Registration will be opened from 15th January 2021 till 22nd March 2021. 

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Payment by Cheque:

Course Title Cheque payment to
小提琴 Violin Class (Ms Mok) Mok Kai Ying
小提琴 Violin Class (Ms Kwan) Kwan Cai Nan
武术班 Wu Shu Xue Jun hua
儿童书法班 Chinese Calligraphy Tan Cun Jia
乒乓 Table Tennis Leng Chih Cheng
球星羽毛球训练班 STAR Badminton Programme Teo Junbao
华文提升班 Chinese Enrichment ARC Centre
英语语文欣赏班 English Appreciation Yap Poh Hua
趣味科学班科 Young Scientists Programme ARC Centre
Young Coder Programme
ARC Centre

Payment Details:

Payment for the courses must be made before 27th/28th March 2021. Cheque to be dropped into our Letterbox located in the school canteen area.

Please DO NOT drop any cash into the Letterbox.